5 Reasons YOU HAVE TO get out and explore this Winter!

Winter is cold and miserable right? WRONG! Here are 5 reasons why everybody should get out more this winter.

Don’t get me wrong it can be cold but why does it have to be miserable? A little smart investment in some warm clothing and a sleeping bag suited for the conditions and I think everyone can get more out of this season


1. Campfires

Campfires are awesome, they are great to sit around to keep warm and cook on. They build morale and encourage a good chat or a song but also seems to create a safe space for deep and meaningful conversations. The troubles of the world could be solved staring into a campfire.

A little planning is needed to have a fire when you are camping. Firstly you need to remember to bring matches or a lighter (and some firelighters if you don’t have the fire lighting qualities of Bear Grylls). You also need to figure out where you are going to get wood from, some places you can collect from the surrounding forest but please note some areas (usually National Parks) prohibit the collection of firewood so think about bringing your own.

Also please remember the Australian bush is quite dry even in winter please be careful as to not start a bushfire.



2. Its not a million degrees during the day

Man, I don’t know about you but I am currently living in Australia, and the summer days are HOT! you spend most of the day not enjoying the sights but crawling towards any piece of water you can fit your body into.

A nice winters day with a reasonable temperature is my idea of a dream when it comes to walking and exploring and not ending up as a sweaty puddle on the ground.


3. Winter is great for taking Photos

Winter landscape photography is usually much more clearer as there is a lower level of humidity in the atmosphere. Instead of getting that hazy photo that you cant make out quite what you are looking at shots will be much clearer and sharper.

You also get the benefit of different aspects to shoot, such as frost and snow and better light all day long as the sun isnt quite so high above us


4. Sunrises are later, Sunsets are earlier!

Everybody loves to see a great sunrise, if you don’t you probably just haven’t seen many good ones. Watching the sun slip above the horizon and bathe the world in light, is one of the greatest spectacles our world has to offer. The problem, you have to get up so damn early to see it, well in winter this pain isn’t quite so bad as the sunrises at a much nicer hour and has a greater affect as the you feel its warmth.

In addition to this obviously the days are shorter so this means that the sunsets at the end of the day are early enough to get out to see and get back in time for dinner.

Trust me, sunrises are always worth getting up for.


5.Being Outside is Better for our Health!

Hopefully everyone has figured out that being outside in nature is great fun. Well there is a lot of studies that show that being outside in nature is essential for our minds and bodies to stay healthy and function well.

In winter people tend to spend more time in doors and this can lead to Vitamin D deficiencies, Mental Health issues as well as increased susceptibility to colds and flu’s. If you don’t believe me check out this article from the BBC.

All it takes is a couple of hours a week exploring your nearest green space to get so many benefits to your well being.


These are but a few great reasons to get outside this winter and explore your local area or take a trip somewhere new.

Send me a message and let me know the amazing places you find, I look forward to hearing all about them!

Get up, Get out and Explore our Amazing World


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