4 Easy Ways To Be A Better Photographer!

I don’t claim to be an expert photographer to be honest I probably never will either, here is 4 easy ways to be a better photographer.

Taking photos and being able to capture a moment in time in a way that makes people say ‘Wow’ is somewhat of a passion that I have developed.

Recently I looked at my Canon camera to see how many shutter releases/photos it has taken, it was somewhere around 10,000. It has taken me probably double this amount over all cameras and devices and a decade to feel comfortable with the quality of my photos, and be willing to show and share them with others. Even some of my close family haven’t laid eyes on many of my photos.

So why now?

In the last 6 months I have rekindled that passion for capturing the world around me. There are a couple of ways that I have really improved my photos to a point that I can put them out there.

1. Get out there!

Ask any photographer out there what the ratio of photos they take to what they share with the world you would probably be surprised to find most wouldn’t be over 1%.

What this means that no one, not even the best take perfect ‘Insta worthy’ photos every time they push the shutter button. Get out there and take hundreds, nay thousands of photos from every angle, with lots of different settings.

Using trial and error you will start to understand how your camera works and how it reacts to the light and your subject. eventually your ratio of standout photos will get better and better.

2. Learn from others.

Getting out on missions with other like minded photographers is a great way to improve your skill level. Even if your photo buddies are at a similar level of experience to you. The collaborative effort of taking more photos of a subject and sharing the outcomes to learn and improve together is  super valuable to your learnings, but will also make your days out far more enjoyable.

After all two heads are always better that one. Check out two of my photo buddies on IG @the_daley_caleb and @j_robles_mcgill

3. CreativeLive

There are many, many courses out there but I have always found them to be either way too expensive or they are long, boring and don’t really touch on the subjects that will help me better my photography.

Recently I came across online courses. With modern technology you can be placed right into a classroom all while enjoying the comfort of your home. I live in the middle of nowhere. Having access to some of the most talented and experienced photographers and teachers in the world has been amazing, it is safe to say I have become an avid fan of the CreativeLive classes.

CreativeLive has a point of difference where many classes are streamed live and are FREE to watch. The schedule for these streamed classes is posted about 2 and a half weeks ahead so you have plenty of time to find and RSVP to a class, you can then get reminders about the class starting. do yourself a favour and head over and sign up to get the full experience here.

If you don’t want to wait around for the class to start you can buy on-demand access to classes and whole courses where prices start around US$29.

I have recently completed an on demand course about post processing in Lightroom and it has really helped me to get the most out of my images.

4. Post Processing

I am not quite sure why no-one told me the secret earlier. Using a post processing software on your computer is a great way to improve the photos you have taken and get them back to how you saw and envisioned the picture coming out.

There are many programs out there some of them free, some of them need to be paid for. Like most things in life you get what you pay for. Usually the more you pay the more powerful and user friendly the program will be.

Currently I am using Adobe Light Room and learning to use Adobe Photoshop as well. I purchased a subscription that is quite reasonable at AUD$14.29 per month for a Creative Cloud Photography membership. This gets you Lightroom and Photoshop as well as some other helpful tools.

If you are taking a lot of photos I definitely recommend getting yourself into this take a look here! 

(Please be aware that this article contains affiliate links. But I pride myself on only promoting products that I have tried and tested. I have no hesitation to recommend these products to you 🙂

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